Thursday, February 2, 2017

49ers Hiring GM John Lynch--Stupid Move

San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York has lost his mind.

He continues to undermine the team with blunder after blunder.  His latest is hiring John Lynch as the new general manager. Dumb, dumb, dumb. There is nothing about Lynch that suggests he can lead the Niners, who won just two games last season, out of the deep hole they've been in for years.

The main problem is that Lynch has no experience as a GM. He has never even been a coach. York confounded the stupidity of this hire by signing him to a six-year contract. A Stanford alum, Lynch was an all-pro safety who has been a TV color commentator for Fox since retiring, as a New England Patriot, in 2008. Absolutely nothing he has done in recent years indicates he can rescue this faltering franchise.

The Niners are a train wreck, from top to bottom, with questions at every position. Fixing the Niners would be a nightmare task for even an experienced GM. Can a novice like Lynch do it?  Not a chance.

This idiotic hire is no surprise. York has done this before. A few years ago he collaborated with former GM Trent Baalke to run Jim Harbaugh, the best Niner coach since Bill Walsh, out of town. Then these two bunglers hired incompetent Jim Tomsula as head coach for one year before turning the job over to ineffective Chip Kelly last season.

After Kelly, to no one's surprise, managed just two victories, York kicked him out. Not only that, York finally had enough of Baalke, an abrasive jerk who made a lot of boneheaded personnel moves that helped sink the Niners. York got rid of him too.

With Baalke gone, Niner fans were hopeful. York lined up Atlanta Falcons' offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, architect of the best offense in football, to be the next head coach. Smart move. Was York finally coming to his senses? He answered that question by hiring Lynch.
The Niners are in desperation mode, trying to appease angry, disappointed fans while repairing a broken team. With a few exceptions the Niners' players are awful. They need a smart, experienced GM to scrap the bad players and replace them with good ones. What they've got, however, is an inexperienced GM who's in way over his head.

What will probably happen is that, after a year or two of little or no progress, York will dump
Lynch, pay him big buyout bucks and start the rebuilding process all over again with a new GM.

So brace yourselves Niner fans. Get ready for more dark years, with no relief in sight.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

UCLA's Coach Steve Alford: Not Good Enough

The honeymoon is over for UCLA men's basketball coach Steve Alford.

To fuming Bruin fans he's back to being a bum. Here's one indication. In the backyards of at least a half dozen student homes near the school's Westwood campus, Alford was recently hung in effigy. Some angry guys even use Alford's dangling figure as a target for darts.

What happened? Reality set in. The real Steve Alford surfaced again, and it's not a pretty sight.

On the ropes last season, Alford put all that negativity behind him. He brought in some flashy freshmen-- Lonzo Ball and T J Leaf--fashioned an undefeated preseason, including a heralded victory over top-ranked Kentucky, shot into the Top Five, and even flirted with the No.1 spot. Expectations exploded through the roof. UCLA men's basketball was a hot ticket again.

But after the PAC 12 season began,  the Bruins were slowly exposed. That race-horse, high-scoring offense, built on precision jump-shooting and  modest defense, didn't really work in conference games. The preseason schedule was overloaded with patsies that were easily steamrolled by that power offense. Also, it turned out that Kentucky was good but not No.1 caliber, so that signature victory was tarnished somewhat.
When the Bruins were riding high during preseason, fans were lulled into thinking Alford's offense-heavy plan would keep the team in the Top Five.

Cracks in the UCLA foundation started to show when the Bruins lost to Oregon in Eugene, 89-87. The last- second loss wasn't the problem. What was red flag No.1 was that the Ducks scored 89 points. Then came the home loss to Arizona, 96-85, which spotlighted the Bruins' lousy defense. They couldn't stop dribble penetration to curtail the Wildcats' powerhouse inside game and the Bruins' perimeter defense was terrible.

So they give up 89 points to Oregon,  96 to Arizona , as well as 92 to that win. That's rotten defense. Good teams don't give up that many points. Chalk that up to bad coaching.

The USC road loss was the real killer. UCLA rolled to a 20-10 lead then collapsed when SC switched to a zone. The Bruins' offense was stuck in the mud and their defense was molasses-slow. Alford couldn't make helpful adjustments, so the Bruins dropped another, 84-76, once more surrendering way too many points.

In that loss the Bruins seemed listless and befuddled. Though playing their hated rival, they didn't bother to show up. Again, that's bad coaching. That loss is on Alford.  How could he not have them ready to play a crucial conference game against their worst enemy? How could they play without any spirit against SC?

Another problem. According to two sources, there's turmoil in the Bruins' locker room that has been smoldering since the Oregon loss. Apparently it got worse after the Arizona fiasco and was a significant factor in the SC debacle. The sources haven't been able to pinpoint the players involved since there's an effort to keep a lid on the conflict. Apparently, though, playing time is one of the issues. The sources stressed that the festering bad feelings are interfering with teamwork.

Under Alford, the Bruins are a one-dimensional, offense-heavy team that plays so-so defense  They win by overwhelming teams with their offense. That plan often works with B and C-level teams but rarely with A teams.

For a while, the Bruins did look like an A team, bringing back memories of the dominance of the Wooden era. But this not an elite team. The players aren't good enough. The coach certainly isn't good enough.

This is, at best, a Sweet 16 team. But an Elite 8 or a Final Four Team? No way. Not the way they play defense. Definitely not with Alford as coach, with his indifference to defense and inability to make sound adjustments during games.

UCLA fans should dial down their expectations. With Alford at the helm there's nothing but heartbreak ahead.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Cal Football Fans Pray Chip Kelly Is New Coach

Cal head football coach Sonny Dykes, arguably the worst hire the school history, has finally been canned. Unfortunately, it's four years too late. He's had time to post a rotten 19-30 record and run the program into the ground.

Cal athletic director Mike Williams was fed up with Dykes, who kept looking for other jobs in the off-season, even after signing a four-year-extension last year. During last season, there was interest in him from Baylor and Houston. If either had offered Dykes a job he would have been out the door instantly. Williams finally had enough.

With Dykes out of the way,  who is No.1 on the wish list of every knowledgeable Bear fan?

Chip Kelly, of course.

He's the innovator who helped revolutionize offensive football, accelerating the pace and the number of plays, while at the University of Oregon. He wasn't as successful as a pro coach but clearly he can still be a winner at the college level, which is less demanding. He's certainly a significant upgrade over Dykes.

Happily, Kelly is available.

After just one season, he was recently fired by the San Francisco 49ers.  He was doomed from the start, inheriting a horrible team and having to work with general manger Trent Baakle, an infamous jerk who's famed for helping run a great coach, Jim Harbaugh, out of town.

Niner head man Jed York just gave Baalke the boot, so it was likely that Kelly would follow him out the door. So Kelly is now free and has said he's open to anything, which means he wouldn't mind returning to college.

More good news, Because of contracts with the Niners and his previous employer, the Philadelphia Eagles, he is set to earn $6.5 million next year. So Cal wouldn't have to offer him a pile of money and could structure a deal that would be favorable to the athletic department budget. That's good because Cal can't offer much, considering Dykes' buyout is nearly $6 million,

Cal has to sign a new coach and fast. Williams is saying he would like to have one in place by the end of the week.

Word from the inside is that the AD is already on the Kelly case, that dumping Dykes now, rather than weeks ago, is due to Kelly's sudden availability. National Signing Day is just a few weeks away, on Feb.1. Cal has a sixteen-player class that could bolt if the Bears sign the wrong coach.

Other names have been mentioned for the job, including Cal offensive coordinator Jake Spavital, Washington offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith and Wisconsin defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, who was an assistant at Cal in the Jeff-Tedford era..

Those guys would be OK but none has the clout of Kelly, who would be the best thing to happen to the Cal program in many decades.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cal Should Dump Football Coach Sonny Dykes

I never root against Cal but when the Bears finished their football season a short while ago playing UCLA I was pulling for a Bruin rout. If the Bears were crushed and ended up with four measly wins and five straight losses, maybe athletic director Mike Williams might do the smart thing and show head coach Sonny Dykes the door.

But the Bears screwed up that scenario, beating up the Bruins, 36-10. It wasn't that difficult, considering the UCLA offense was so crippled, with star QB Josh Rosen out for the season, the offensive line in tatters and the rushing game virtually non-existent. So the Bears feasted on the wounded Bruins, giving Dykes a triumphant, season-ending win, making a grand total of five. That was enough to save his job.

Hot damn! Just what Bear fans needed, another sub-.500 season and at least one more year of Dykes' crappy coaching.
There was hope that Baylor, hunting for a replacement for Art Briles, might take him off our hands. According to rumors, they were interested in Dykes. But the Baylor bigwigs came to their senses, passing on five-win Dykes and hiring a real winner, Temple's Matt Rhule, who had led the Owls to first-ever consecutive 10-win seasons

So, Cal fans, brace yourselves. We're doomed to Dykes again..Sadly, as long as he's in charge the Bears won't crack the PAC 12 elite. Last year was the first time in his four years that the Bears had a decent season, with 8 victories. They seemed headed  in the right direction this year. But five wins ain't the right direction.

His problem is that he's a one-note coach. His only tune is offense. He really is good at it, though. His special skill is spotting QB talent and nourishing it. Jared Goff, a No.1 overall NFL draft pick, and Davis Webb, a sure No.1 selection in the next draft, are prime examples. Dykes offers entertaining, super-speed, high-scoring offenses. But what about wins? There he's woefully short. His overall Cal record is a pitiful 19-30.

That's because he doesn't care about defense. He recruits low-quality defensive players who are slow and minimally skilled, who can't tackle, who can't rush the passer, who can't cover opponents' wide receivers.

With Dykes at the helm, Cal will always have a super offense, a sub-par defense and a team that finishes in the middle or near the bottom of the PAC 12, settling for lower-tier bowls or going to no bowls at all and perennially losing to Stanford, USC and UCLA,

Enough, damn it..

Hopefully, others who are as fed up as I am with this incompetent coaching and losing seasons will join me in this impassioned plea to Cal athletic director Williams::


Friday, December 2, 2016

To Hell With Trump-Loving Patriots' Coach Bill Belichick

Screw Bill Belichick.

I've tried, really hard, to maintain positive feelings and admiration for the New England Patriots' head coach, but I just can't.  He's a Trump supporter. Recently he called the President-elect to congratulate him just after he beat Hillary Clinton. I've been steaming about that ever since. I can't believe Belichick actually likes Trump.

From now on, Belichck is in my doghouse. I always gave him credit for being sharp, smart and wise. Now, to me, he's just a misguided jerk who has swallowed the lies of a consummate con man.. How can he vote for and be buddies with a man who is a liar, a racist, a sexual predator--and that's just for starters?. Trump is a rotten human being, a dangerous demagogue who has no idea how to run a country. Some ugly years are ahead of us with this boob running things. I can't stomach Trump. Nor can I stomach a coach who pals around with him.
That's not all. Patriots' QB Tom Brady is also in the Trump camp. I used to be a Brady fan. But no more. To hell with him too.

With Belichick and Brady as Trump supporters, I can't look at the Patriots the same way ever again. Rooting for them will, for me from now on, be like rooting for Trump. I just can't do it.

I know, I know, it's not rational or reasonable. I wish I didn't feel this way. I'm sure there are some decent guys on the Patriots who loathe Trump as much as I do. But I can't help feeling this way.

Here's what really scares me. I'm a San Francisco 49er fan. What if Niners' coach Chip Kelly is a Trump supporter?. I'm also a Cal fan. What if head coach Sonny Dykes is a Trump follower?. What does that do to my allegiance to those teams? Damned if I know. I hope I never have to deal with that issue.

Ideally sports and politics should be kept separate. It's a lot simpler if you don't know the political views of your sports heroes. Then you can appreciate them for performance alone. Then views that clash with yours don't cloud the issue.

But in this case it's too late. I know Belichick's political views. I know Brady's views. To me, their views stink. It's a gut feeling and I'm going with my gut.

So screw Belichick and Brady, And damn the Patriots.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why LA Rams Should Start QB Jared Goff

It's plain old QB Management 1A. So simple. But LA Rams head coach Jeff Fisher flunked this one badly. He keeps playing lousy Case Keenum, while Jared Goff, the NFL's overall No.1 pick in the last draft, strolls the sidelines waiting for a chance to play..

The Rams are tottering, 3-5 and in the middle of a four-game slump. Common sense says Fisher should bench Keenum and start ex-Cal QB Goff. But the coach is mule-stubborn,.clinging to the notion that the Rams have a shot at the playoffs and Keenum, not an untried rookie, gives them the best chance to grab one of those spots.

Fisher is clearly delusional.

The Rams aren't making the playoffs for two reasons--they're not good enough and, at the mid-season mark, are too far behind. They  have an exceptional defense, ranked No. 8, but a bottom-of-the-barrel offense, anchored by a so-so line and.led by a badly flawed QB..

Keenum, small and a mediocre scrambler, is a career backup who will never be a quality starter..His arm isn't very strong so there's no real deep, defense-stretching threat to take pressure off the run game. When rattled, he's likely to throw an interception. Way too often he'll over-shoot an open man. His only real advantage over Goff is his experience. Goff doesn't have any. 

At his best, though, Goff can throw accurately and deep. He has a skill-set that Keenum can only dream about. But playing Goff won't guarantee an offensive explosion. Like any rookie he will make plenty of mistakes and maybe even cost the Rams a game or two. Some rookie QBs--Zak Prescott, Carson Wentz, Cody Kessler--who all went lower in the draft than Goff. are starting and playing well. If given a chance, Goff just might play well too.

So Fisher should give him a shot. What do the Rams have to lose? Mired in a long losing streak, the team is barely scoring. Goff couldn't really do any worse than Keenum and, with his rocket arm,  just might do better. What's sorely missing from the Rams' offense is a deep-passing game, something Goff just might provide.

Another reason to play Goff is to find out how good he is and whether he really is the future of the franchise or just another blown pick. The Rams traded lots of picks to climb the draft ladder to snare Goff. Was that a smart move or a blunder? Do they need to continue QB hunting after this season?

There's only one way to find out.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Why The Warriors Won't Win the NBA Title

When the Golden State Warriors signed small forward Kevin Durant last summer, most people figured they would cruise to the NBA title..They already have two of the top five shooters in the league in guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Now with Durant, they have three. Who could beat them?

Actually several teams..

If you're betting on which team will win the NBA title, put your money on two other Western Conference aces, the Spurs or the Clippers, or even on the cream of the Eastern Conference, the Cavaliers, who whipped the Warriors in the Finals last June.

The Warriors will make it to the Western Conference Finals or even the NBA Finals. They just won't win.
Their problem? Their brilliant power forward Draymond Green. He's a nut, a loose cannon, a constant pain in the butt. They can't win without him. But the way he is now, they can't win with him either.

Every time he steps on the court he's a triple-double waiting to happen. He had 13 last season, unheard of for a power forward. There is nobody in the league like him. Nobody can do all the things he can do at such a high level. He's a point guard and a shooting guard rolled up in the cast-iron physique of a power forward. People who really know basketball will tell you that Curry isn't the team MVP, it's Green.

But according to sources close to two Warrior players, Green is also a cancer. He gets in fights with players and coaches. His ego is huge and needs considerable stroking. He's a constant source of locker room tension. He keeps the team on edge because they don't know what crazy thing he'll do next--like slapping LeBron James in the groin, which earned Green a suspension from Game 5 of last June's Finals, and triggered the slide which swept Cleveland to the championship..

One thing for sure. The addition of Durant has disturbed the team's dynamic and ruffled Green's ego. No question Green will get fewer shots, will figure less in the offense, will get fewer assists and triple-doubles. It was apparent in the preseason that Green was unhappy. It was clear in that ugly opening-day loss to the Spurs that all wasn't right with the team.

It's not going to get better. Quite possibly the Warriors will have to trade Green. That would seriously hurt the team since there's no power forward on the planet who can do all Green can do.

My guess? He's not with the team by the end of the season, Or maybe he stays and he's much less effective. Either way, this super team slips a few notches and become merely excellent.

So there's a very good chance that NBA title trophy won't be in Oakland next June after all.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Why The 49ers Are Not Playing Kaepernick

Let's face it, the San Francisco 49ers stink, battling Cleveland for the embarrassing title of NFL's Worst Team. The Niners are a pitiful 1-4. After shutting out the LA Rams the first week, they have lost every game, including Thursday night's fiasco, falling to Arizona 33-21.

Part of the reason the Niners are so bad is the abysmal play of QB Blaine Gabbert. Against Arizona, he was doing everything wrong--making dumb decision after dumb decision, missing open receivers, throwing into double coverage, visually zeroing in on targeted receivers so defenders knew where he planned to throw. He also had a bad case of happy feet. Gabbert was a walking disaster. What's worse, there's no sign he's getting better.

Which leads to the big question. Why is he still starting? Why is backup Colin Kaepernick, who is much more skilled, not playing, particularly since new coach Chip Kelly cherishes read-option plays that are Kaepernick's specialty? During the sparsely attended Arizona game, when Gabbert did something especially stupid, there were chants to put in Kaepernick.

Some people think the Niners are not playing Kaepernick as punishment for him leading an anti-police brutality protest movement that involves not standing up when the national anthem is played pregame. Wrong. Team management supports his activist activities and there's no evidence that these activities have created any locker room problems.

The Niners are reluctant to play Kaepernick for financial and contractual reasons. In other words, because of  money. He's earning $12 million now because he was injured most of last season and virtually untradeable and consequently still on the roster this past April 1. If the Niners play him now and he gets injured, the same scenario could play out again, but this time the stakes are higher. If  he's on the team April 1, 2017 he'll get $14.5 million.

They could cut him now but that would anger the liberals in their fan base. It would be smarter to wait til off dump him. So don't look for Kaepernick to be in a Niner uniform next season.

Meanwhile playing Kaepernick now would definitely increase the team's chances of winning games. But so what? They may win a few more games with him at QB but not nearly enough to make the playoffs. When LB Narvorro Bowman, the team's best player, was declared out for the season last week with a torn ACL, any remote chance the Niners had of making the playoffs evaporated.

Bottom line. Playing Kapernick now and risking him getting a serious injury enhances the chances of something the Niners don't want--him on the roster next April 1.

What about winning games? They will never say it out loud but the team management has an answer for that question--"who cares?"

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trade Colin Kaepernick? Stupid Move

San Francisco 49ers' GM Trent Baalke has made some really stupid moves. So far, teaming with owner Jed York to run brilliant but difficult head coach Jim Harbaugh out of town has been his most infamous blunder. But Baalke is about to top himself. Looks like he's going to get rid of QB Colin Kaepernick.

Dumb, dumb,,,

This time Baalke has some powerful opposition--new coach Chip Kelly. A renowned QB guru, Kelly is no dummy. He doesn't want to lose Kaepernick  Give Kelly some raw material and, with his high-speed, unorthodox system,  he'll come up with a polished QB. Big, fast and blessed with one of the strongest arms in the league, the 28-year-old QB has all the tools. Just give Kelly time to work his magic..

Kaepernick isn't what he used to be. After a few good years, he's fallen on hard times, regressing drastically. Last season he was truly horrible. He's been slowed by injuries and his confidence, normally one of his strengths, has taken a major hit. Because he's still not 100%, he's been forced to take a backseat to a lame QB, Blaine Gabbert, who's been getting all the playing time. A healthy, fit Kaepernick leaves Gabbert in the dust.

One reason Kaepernick has been slow getting back to normal is his recent preoccupation with political activism. To protest racism and police brutality against minorities in America, Kaepernick, who is biracial, refuses to stand up when the national anthem is being played pregame, first sitting but now kneeling. All of a sudden, he's the center of a media firestorm. Some support him but many have been raging against him. Lately, he's even been receiving death threats.

No question, Kaepernick has been a distraction. Not only that, he's being paid around $12 million a year Baalke, no doubt, is thinking Kaepernick, now just a over-paid bench-warmer, is more trouble than he's worth.

What Baalke has to do is look past the current mess and focus on Kaepernick, the potentially great QB. Kaepernick led the Niners to the Super Bowl once, he can do it again. If you dump him, then what? Without him the 49ers are left with Gabbert and another stiff, minimally talented Christian Ponder. These are bottom feeders who aren't going to get any better. One huge problem with the Niner offense is that Gabbert is a lousy long passer, which keeps defenses clustered around the line of scrimmage, which is lethal to their running game. Face it. With Gabbert or Ponder running the offense, the Niners will never make the playoffs.

The 49ers have just one hope--a healthy Kaepernick schooled by Kelly. Possibly the coach can figure out how to get him back on the right track.Unquestionably, Kaepernick's activism will get in the way. Restoring the QB to peak form won't be easy but it can be done. Otherwise the team is headed for another crappy season, with three-to-five wins.

Fortunately the locker room, in turmoil when Kaepernick launched his career as an activist a few weeks ago, has settled down. Realizing he's their best shot at a good season, most of the players would like the keep the QB.

Hopefully GM Baalke comes to his senses and bails out of this dumb dump-Kaepernick mode. But, given his penchant for boneheaded moves, don't count on it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Fire USC Football Coach Helton!

Last Nov. 30,  USC hired interim coach Clay Helton as head football coach after he had posted a 5-2
record. I thought that was a big mistake. Not only wasn't he dynamic or creative or an exceptional leader or a big-time motivator or a superior bench coach but, most important, he had no head coaching experience. The prestigious SC job seemed too big for this career assistant.

Since he was hired he's coached three huge games--two last season, against Stanford and Wisconsin, and the season opener Saturday against No.1 Alabama, He blew all three, including Saturday's 52-6 mauling by Bama in Arlington, Texas. That one really turned off many SC fans, The "fire Helton" rants have already started.

Hate to say I told you so, but.......

Examine that Bama fiasco and you can only conclude that Helton doesn't know what the hell he's doing. It was one of the low points in the long, glorious history of USC football, the worst loss since Notre Dame crushed the Trojans 51-0 in 1966.  Who deserves the blame for this mess? It's all on Helton.

SC wasn't ready to play, though the team had several weeks to prepare.The SC players looked lost and tentative and, too often, were totally out of position. Helton and his staff were overwhelmed, misusing timeouts, making the wrong adjustments, etc. Sure Bama has superior players but the Trojans have some quality talent too. You wouldn't know it, though, from the way they staggered through the game..

SC hung in there through most of the first half but you knew it was just the calm before the storm. In the second half, after the Bama staff sized up the Trojans, the Tide really rolled. SC just rolled over and played dead. They actually quit. At times you could see they were just going through the motions. Helton and his staff didn't have a clue how to jar them out of that funk.

Bama piled up 465 yards of offense, while SC's offense couldn't even crack the 200-yard mark. The Trojans needed a strong run game but they couldn't put a dent in that brick wall set up by Bama's front seven, racking up a pitiful 64 rushing yards. Even in the second half, when Bama was playing its scrubs, SC was stymied. Part of the problem was the inexperienced Trojan QBs, who couldn't get the offense in gear. But Bama is just as inexperienced at QB, yet they managed to get the job done. You think Bama's smart, skilled coaching staff might be a primary reason?

This game should have been competitive, with a score like 30-17. A loss like that would have hurt but not as much as a blow-out. The SC players needed a boost, some savvy guidance and a kick in the butt from Helton and his staff, but didn't get any of that.

Go back to the last decade, during the Pete Carroll heyday. Can you imagine a Carroll-coached team getting pummeled like this? No way. SC might have lost but would have at least been competitive.

That's because Carroll was a good coach. But SC doesn't have a decent coach now. Since Carroll, there has been a parade of second-tier guys in charge. Helton may be the worst yet. So, SC fans, expect more stumbles during this season, particularly since the Trojans have one of the toughest schedules in the nation.

One thing you can be sure of, that the "Fire Helton!" cries will get get louder and louder.