Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cal Should Dump Football Coach Sonny Dykes

I never root against Cal but when the Bears finished their football season a short while ago playing UCLA I was pulling for a Bruin rout. If the Bears were crushed and ended up with four measly wins and five straight losses, maybe athletic director Mike Williams might do the smart thing and show head coach Sonny Dykes the door.

But the Bears screwed up that scenario, beating up the Bruins, 36-10. It wasn't that difficult, considering the UCLA offense was so crippled, with star QB Josh Rosen out for the season, the offensive line in tatters and the rushing game virtually non-existent. So the Bears feasted on the wounded Bruins, giving Dykes a triumphant, season-ending win, making a grand total of five. That was enough to save his job.

Hot damn! Just what Bear fans needed, another sub-.500 season and at least one more year of Dykes' crappy coaching.
There was hope that Baylor, hunting for a replacement for Art Briles, might take him off our hands. According to rumors, they were interested in Dykes. But the Baylor bigwigs came to their senses, passing on five-win Dykes and hiring a real winner, Temple's Matt Rhule, who had led the Owls to first-ever consecutive 10-win seasons

So, Cal fans, brace yourselves. We're doomed to Dykes again..Sadly, as long as he's in charge the Bears won't crack the PAC 12 elite. Last year was the first time in his four years that the Bears had a decent season, with 8 victories. They seemed headed  in the right direction this year. But five wins ain't the right direction.

His problem is that he's a one-note coach. His only tune is offense. He really is good at it, though. His special skill is spotting QB talent and nourishing it. Jared Goff, a No.1 overall NFL draft pick, and Davis Webb, a sure No.1 selection in the next draft, are prime examples. Dykes offers entertaining, super-speed, high-scoring offenses. But what about wins? There he's woefully short. His overall Cal record is a pitiful 19-30.

That's because he doesn't care about defense. He recruits low-quality defensive players who are slow and minimally skilled, who can't tackle, who can't rush the passer, who can't cover opponents' wide receivers.

With Dykes at the helm, Cal will always have a super offense, a sub-par defense and a team that finishes in the middle or near the bottom of the PAC 12, settling for lower-tier bowls or going to no bowls at all and perennially losing to Stanford, USC and UCLA,

Enough, damn it..

Hopefully, others who are as fed up as I am with this incompetent coaching and losing seasons will join me in this impassioned plea to Cal athletic director Williams::


Friday, December 2, 2016

To Hell With Trump-Loving Patriots' Coach Bill Belichick

Screw Bill Belichick.

I've tried, really hard, to maintain positive feelings and admiration for the New England Patriots' head coach, but I just can't.  He's a Trump supporter. Recently he called the President-elect to congratulate him just after he beat Hillary Clinton. I've been steaming about that ever since. I can't believe Belichick actually likes Trump.

From now on, Belichck is in my doghouse. I always gave him credit for being sharp, smart and wise. Now, to me, he's just a misguided jerk who has swallowed the lies of a consummate con man.. How can he vote for and be buddies with a man who is a liar, a racist, a sexual predator--and that's just for starters?. Trump is a rotten human being, a dangerous demagogue who has no idea how to run a country. Some ugly years are ahead of us with this boob running things. I can't stomach Trump. Nor can I stomach a coach who pals around with him.
That's not all. Patriots' QB Tom Brady is also in the Trump camp. I used to be a Brady fan. But no more. To hell with him too.

With Belichick and Brady as Trump supporters, I can't look at the Patriots the same way ever again. Rooting for them will, for me from now on, be like rooting for Trump. I just can't do it.

I know, I know, it's not rational or reasonable. I wish I didn't feel this way. I'm sure there are some decent guys on the Patriots who loathe Trump as much as I do. But I can't help feeling this way.

Here's what really scares me. I'm a San Francisco 49er fan. What if Niners' coach Chip Kelly is a Trump supporter?. I'm also a Cal fan. What if head coach Sonny Dykes is a Trump follower?. What does that do to my allegiance to those teams? Damned if I know. I hope I never have to deal with that issue.

Ideally sports and politics should be kept separate. It's a lot simpler if you don't know the political views of your sports heroes. Then you can appreciate them for performance alone. Then views that clash with yours don't cloud the issue.

But in this case it's too late. I know Belichick's political views. I know Brady's views. To me, their views stink. It's a gut feeling and I'm going with my gut.

So screw Belichick and Brady, And damn the Patriots.