Thursday, July 19, 2012

Joe Paterno's Statue Speaks Out.

Penn State coach Joe Paterno isn't really dead.

Check out that statue of him outside of Beaver Stadium, the one many people want removed in the wake of the molestation scandal that put pedophile and former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky behind bars forever and soiled the image of Paterno and the great football program the late coach spent decades building. One of four administrators accused in the Freeh report of covering up Sandusky's crimes, Paterno, once a god, is now, to many, a villain, a criminal.

Listen carefully near the statue and you'll hear the coach chattering away....

"This isn't the way it was supposed to be. People who walk by looking at this statue were supposed to love me, respect me, to be sorry I'm dead, to wish I'd be around forever. All of them--everybody who walked by--used to think that. Now some of them think good thoughts about me but some of them hate me. They walk by and don't even look at me. They're disgusted with me. I hear what they're saying.

"They say I knew what Sandusky was doing to kids and I didn't do anything to stop it. They're saying I covered up what was happening, that I tried to bury it. They're saying I didn't care about those kids. But I did. I love kids. But I told people what Sandusky was doing.. I didn't condone it. He did a bad thing. He needed help. I thought he was getting it. What's important is that he stopped the bad things he was doing.  It's not my job to be a shrink or a policeman. My job was to be the football coach. My job was to protect the football program in any way I could and that's what I did.

"It used to be just a joy to watch people walk by. Now it's painful sometimes. It hurts so much sometimes. Look at the way that woman and those kids are looking at me. They're sneering at me. That kills me. They think I'm some kind of monster. Hey, you people. I'm not a bad guy.

"Remember what I did for this school. When people think of Penn State they think of football. I built that image. I brought in millions of dollars, helped so many people, helped so many kids grow into fine adults.
I did all that through football.

"My job was football. I did what I did to help the football program. A scandal would have hurt the program. I knew that. Look what's happened since everybody found out about Sandusky. It's killed Penn State. People look at the school differently. Nobody is proud to come from Penn State. Instead, they're embarrassed. I hear people talking..It breaks my heart. After all I did...

"Here come some people who're on my side. I see them a lot. They're smiling at me. Nice to see you again. Come back soon. Here come some more of my friends. So nice to see you. Keep telling people about the good things I did.

"I hear people talking about getting rid of this statue. They can't. They just can't. It's like home. It's part of me, part of Penn State. They can't do that. My people will stop that, I know it. How can you think of Penn State football and not think of me? This stadium wouldn't mean what it means if it wasn't for me.  I want people to remember me, to remember the good things I did, to honor the old coach.. I helped build this school, you know. Penn State is Joe Paterno. Joe Paterno is Penn State. God,  I love this school.

"Oh, no. Here come those guys again. They're here a lot, standing here and talking to people walking by and telling them what a rotten person I am. They keep saying a lot of lives were ruined by Sandusky because I was thinking about football first. They won't let that go. They don't understand. Aww, here it comes. No, no,  don't spit on me, don't spit on me. I'm Joe Paterno. You idiots!

"Here come some of my people. That's right, you tell those idiots that Joe Paterno is a good man. Tell them this statue should stay right where it is. Tell them I built this stadium, Tell them I'm a good man,. Tell them, tell them, tell them....