Monday, August 20, 2012

Sanchez or Tebow? Neither

"His head is oatmeal"

That's how one of the New York Jets, texting a buddy who's the source for this story, described the team's starting QB Mark Sanchez on Saturday hours before the big intercity-rivalry game with the New York Giants. That wasn't all.

"He looks scared. No confidence. That Tebow thing has him rattled. He's about to have a crap game."

That player, a backup, was right on the money. In the game, which the Jets blew 26-3, Sanchez was a mess, doing just about everything wrong. He was overthrowing and under throwing, holding on to the ball too long, looking tentative, coming across as anything but a leader. His worst pass, ridiculously under thrown, was picked off by rookie Jayron Hosley and returned for a 76-yard TD. Not only was it off target but it was badly telegraphed. In his shaky state, it's a miracle Sanchez completed any passes, Nine, though, were on target. Still, his passing stats, were ugly--9 out of 11, for a paltry 59 yards, with one INT, for a 51.1 ratiing.

With Sanchez playing like a jittery rookie, you'd think backup Tim Tebow would gobble up that starting QB spot. Not so fast. In this game, you'd never confuse him with Drew Brees. Here's Tebow's feeble stat line---5/11, for 69 yards, with a 56.3 rating. The Giants front seven, maybe the best in the NFL, battered him, sacking him four times. Despite some miserable plays, he did have some nifty throws, showcasing his arm strength. Two drops by Stephen Hill and Josh Barker, damaged his stats. Tebow does have problems. His passing form, still awash with glitches, needs polish and he has nothing resembling a quick release. Overall, though, he really was better than Sanchez.

In defense of both QBs, the overall Jets offense, which hasn't scored in two preseason games, is in tatters.
The best wide receivers, Santonio Holmes and Chaz Schilens, didn't play. The offensive line, particularly right tackle Wayne Hunter, was trampled by the Giants defense, which stampeded both OBs.

The Jets' player, texting to my source, summed the QB quandary nicely. "Tebow is tough, a good leader, with no skills. Sanchez has the skills but he's soft and scared. This Tebow thing has destroyed his head. We need another QB--badly."