Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why LA Rams Should Start QB Jared Goff

It's plain old QB Management 1A. So simple. But LA Rams head coach Jeff Fisher flunked this one badly. He keeps playing lousy Case Keenum, while Jared Goff, the NFL's overall No.1 pick in the last draft, strolls the sidelines waiting for a chance to play..

The Rams are tottering, 3-5 and in the middle of a four-game slump. Common sense says Fisher should bench Keenum and start ex-Cal QB Goff. But the coach is mule-stubborn,.clinging to the notion that the Rams have a shot at the playoffs and Keenum, not an untried rookie, gives them the best chance to grab one of those spots.

Fisher is clearly delusional.

The Rams aren't making the playoffs for two reasons--they're not good enough and, at the mid-season mark, are too far behind. They  have an exceptional defense, ranked No. 8, but a bottom-of-the-barrel offense, anchored by a so-so line and.led by a badly flawed QB..

Keenum, small and a mediocre scrambler, is a career backup who will never be a quality starter..His arm isn't very strong so there's no real deep, defense-stretching threat to take pressure off the run game. When rattled, he's likely to throw an interception. Way too often he'll over-shoot an open man. His only real advantage over Goff is his experience. Goff doesn't have any. 

At his best, though, Goff can throw accurately and deep. He has a skill-set that Keenum can only dream about. But playing Goff won't guarantee an offensive explosion. Like any rookie he will make plenty of mistakes and maybe even cost the Rams a game or two. Some rookie QBs--Zak Prescott, Carson Wentz, Cody Kessler--who all went lower in the draft than Goff. are starting and playing well. If given a chance, Goff just might play well too.

So Fisher should give him a shot. What do the Rams have to lose? Mired in a long losing streak, the team is barely scoring. Goff couldn't really do any worse than Keenum and, with his rocket arm,  just might do better. What's sorely missing from the Rams' offense is a deep-passing game, something Goff just might provide.

Another reason to play Goff is to find out how good he is and whether he really is the future of the franchise or just another blown pick. The Rams traded lots of picks to climb the draft ladder to snare Goff. Was that a smart move or a blunder? Do they need to continue QB hunting after this season?

There's only one way to find out.