Thursday, February 2, 2017

49ers Hiring GM John Lynch--Stupid Move

San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York has lost his mind.

He continues to undermine the team with blunder after blunder.  His latest is hiring John Lynch as the new general manager. Dumb, dumb, dumb. There is nothing about Lynch that suggests he can lead the Niners, who won just two games last season, out of the deep hole they've been in for years.

The main problem is that Lynch has no experience as a GM. He has never even been a coach. York confounded the stupidity of this hire by signing him to a six-year contract. A Stanford alum, Lynch was an all-pro safety who has been a TV color commentator for Fox since retiring, as a New England Patriot, in 2008. Absolutely nothing he has done in recent years indicates he can rescue this faltering franchise.

The Niners are a train wreck, from top to bottom, with questions at every position. Fixing the Niners would be a nightmare task for even an experienced GM. Can a novice like Lynch do it?  Not a chance.

This idiotic hire is no surprise. York has done this before. A few years ago he collaborated with former GM Trent Baalke to run Jim Harbaugh, the best Niner coach since Bill Walsh, out of town. Then these two bunglers hired incompetent Jim Tomsula as head coach for one year before turning the job over to ineffective Chip Kelly last season.

After Kelly, to no one's surprise, managed just two victories, York kicked him out. Not only that, York finally had enough of Baalke, an abrasive jerk who made a lot of boneheaded personnel moves that helped sink the Niners. York got rid of him too.

With Baalke gone, Niner fans were hopeful. York lined up Atlanta Falcons' offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, architect of the best offense in football, to be the next head coach. Smart move. Was York finally coming to his senses? He answered that question by hiring Lynch.
The Niners are in desperation mode, trying to appease angry, disappointed fans while repairing a broken team. With a few exceptions the Niners' players are awful. They need a smart, experienced GM to scrap the bad players and replace them with good ones. What they've got, however, is an inexperienced GM who's in way over his head.

What will probably happen is that, after a year or two of little or no progress, York will dump
Lynch, pay him big buyout bucks and start the rebuilding process all over again with a new GM.

So brace yourselves Niner fans. Get ready for more dark years, with no relief in sight.