Friday, September 16, 2011

Donovan McAwful

You call this an upgrade?

That's how QB Donovan McNabb is being advertised by the Minnesota Vikings--as an improvement over Tavaris Jackson, who was dumped last spring. But after McNabb's showing against San Diego, you can bet Viking fans were screaming "We want Tavaris! We want Tavaris!" The Vikings were kicked around by the Chargers, 24-17, with McNabb leading the stumble.
The "upgrade" posted some appalling stats, completing 7 passes out of 15 attempts, for a laughable 39 yards, with one interception, compiling a pitiful passer rating not far from his age. Constantly in panic mode, looking like he was treading in mud, McNabb was off target most of the time, either too high or too low. He escaped the rush three times for 32 yards but that was more luck than skill.

The offensive line didn't provide stellar support but it was only partly at fault. With the same level of protection, a nimble, slippery QB might have mounted some TD drives.

With the passing game in disarray, the Chargers could ignore it and focus on stopping RB Adrian Peterson, their biggest weapon, who rushed 16 times for 98 yards. Passable,  not dazzling.  With a really threatening passing game, his totals would have been higher.
Viking fans must be sick of this scenario--having a talented team that's held back by a subpar QB. The team had some luck with Brett Farve, so they were poking around again in the stockpile of over-the-hill QBs, finding McNabb,  hoping to score a gem.     

Not this time.