Thursday, September 15, 2011

Harbaugh Thwarted

When looking at San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, don't believe what you see. 
When the 49ers whipped the Seattle Seahawks, 33-17, he looked happy, but in reality...

In the fourth quarter, the Niners were in trouble, their 16-0 lead whittled down to 19-17. QB Alex Smith was being Alex Smith, the bungler who makes SF fans cringe, who can't execute the offense efficiently enough to string together first downs. With him under center, no lead is safe.
The Niners were poised to blow the game to a bad--really bad--Seattle team. It was almost a sure thing.

Now if you believe the sordid speculations--and I do--Harbaugh would be happy with an 0-16 season. That would put the team first in line in next year's draft to snare the Prize, Stanford QB Andrew Luck, the same, can't-miss player Harbaugh coached when he was head man at Stanford.

This is the  Coach's dream--he and Luck, together again, storming through the NFL, piling up wins the same way they did in college football.

But wait..
Speedster Ted Ginn Jr., runs back a kickoff 102 yards. Then less than a minute later, he strikes again, scoring on a 55-yard punt return, paving the way to a 49er victory.

As the fans and the team are celebrating, Harbaugh is all smiles. But that's not real. Deep inside, you know he's infuriated, thinking: "What the hell...this game was going down the drain, right on schedule, and that damn Ginn ruined everything."
But have no fear Coach Harbaugh, that victory was just a fluke. With Smith at the helm, there won't be that many more victories, or as you prefer to think of them--obstacles on the road to claiming the Prize, Andrew Luck. If it's mediocrity you want--and we know that's secretly what you want--then you have the right klutzy QB in charge.