Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Angry Tim Tebow Gets the Shaft

Tim Tebow is angry. He may not show it because, as a humble, forgiving, God-fearing guy, that's not his style. But underneath the smile and the p.c. comments, the blood of the Denver Broncos' QB has to be boiling. You can't blame him. He has a right to be furious. He just got the shaft from the Denver  management

Today they signed former Indianapolis Colts' QB Peyton Manning to a five-year contract. So it's hello Peyton, goodbye Tim.

And after all he did for Denver. Last season he was riding the bench, a little-used backup on a Bronco team headed for oblivion---1-4 and sinking. With QB Kyle Orton tanking, the coach gave Tebow a shot and, suddenly, Tebow-mania is born. The former Florida QB, who also won the Heisman, loaded the Broncos on his back and hauled them into the second-round of the playoffs. Finishing 8-8, Denver won the AFC West, upset the Pittsburgh Steelers and were finally stopped by the AFC champion New England Patriots. Tebow did it the hard way, with last-second victories and without standard QB skills. With his linebacker-body, he's a much better runner than a passer. It wasn't pretty, but Tebow turned Denver into a winner.

What happened last season clearly doesn't matter to Denver, though. They didn't see a future with a QB who can't pass and are more willing to take a chance on a 36-year-old QB with a damaged neck who hasn't played in a year.

So what happens to Tebow? Staying with Denver apparently isn't an option. Word is that he'll be traded, probably for a mid-round draft choice, by the end of the week. Reportedly Denver has received calls from several teams about him. A possibility is Jacksonville, which is in an area teeming with Evangelicals--his biggest fans--and not far Gainsville, the site of his college heroics. Though Jacksonville just signed QB Chad Henne, it's a struggling franchise that could use a Tebow-sized boost.

You can't help feel sorry for Tebow, who seems like a decent guy. No matter. There's no place for sentiment in sports, which is a cruel business. With Denver, it's nothing personal against Tebow, just doing what's best for the team.

But wouldn't you just love to see Tebow explode? Just for a moment,wouldn't you like to see him lose it, leap out of character and get all ghetto, blasting the Denver management, particularly that back-stabbing John Elway?

Dream on. Tebow will continue to be Tebow, bottled-up anger and all.