Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jets' Vet Balks at Tebow Signing

"That damn Tim Tebow will kill us!," howled a furious New York Jets' veteran who, for obvious reasons, doesn't want to be named.

That was one of his nicer comments. Speaking with a source who's close to several Jets, the veteran said he'd spoken to at least a dozen teammates, all infuriated over QB Tebow being signed as a backup to Mark Sanchez. They were bubbling over with complaints, griping that a locker room that's already fractured didn't need a media bombshell named Tim Tebow. The veteran referred to Tebow as "something else to fight about."

Tebow is stepping into a hornet's nest. The Jets' locker room is already a mess for several reasons, including players taking sides in the battle between Sanchez and receiver Santonio Holmes, who don't like each other. There are lesser conflicts, adds the source, including squabbles over women and the sexual preferences of certain players, that are festering.and are liable to flame out of control in the media firestorm swirling around Tebow. Already insecure and uncertain, Sanchez, with the added Tebow tension, may unravel.

This very well-connected source has contacts in Denver, which pointed out there was discord in the Broncos' locker room over Tebow. Despite the QB turning Denver into a winner, many players hated dealing with that circus atmosphere, while others were just plain jealous of his super-celebrity status. Media outlets swooned about the harmony in the Broncos' locker room. That was all hogwash, insist these sources, contending that Tebow was disliked by a sizable faction of the Broncos. He was hailed in the media as the main reason Denver reached the second round of the playoffs, while the improved defense, a crucial factor, was a constant afterthought.That created bad feelings in the locker room. Look for Tebow's presence to  generate resentment in the Jets' locker room, particularly, said the veteran, among Sanchez supporters.

That's not all. To accommodate Tebow, who's basically a runner, the offense will have to learn many new plays. According to the veteran, doing extra work, for a second-string player, will definite irritate some players.

Bottom line. The Jets are trying to get to the Super Bowl. A calm, focused team, with all the players working hard and in harmony, is essential. Is this the kind of team the Jets will be with the addition of Tebow? The veteran, said the source, summed it up: "This team could fall apart, all for a damn backup quarterback."